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Moving, organizing, or de-cluttering can seem overwhelming. It can be time consuming, tiresome, and frustrating. Maximus Self Storage eases the moving process by offering clean, secure, and comfortable storage units. We also do our best to create a friendly and caring atmosphere, with our highly capable staff. 

Here are some helpful storage tips to make your next move or organizing endeavor, go as smooth as possible.


  1. When looking for a moving company, make sure they are reputable, well reviewed, licensed, and insured.

  2. If possible, pack and move your more valuable and fragile items yourself. Leave the heavy items and items of less sentiment to the movers.

  3. Pack your heaviest items at the bottom of the box/tote. Then when stacking boxes/totes, place your heaviest ones at the bottom of the stack.

  4. Make sure glasses, dishes, mirrors, and other very fragile items are properly wrapped in foam wrap, bubble wrap, and/or news print.

  5. Be sure to not overfill boxes/totes or use too large of containers, which make transport too cumbersome.

  6. Check your homeowner's or renter's insurance policy. Many times using storage is covered under the policy. If not insurance can be added through a third party vendor.

  7. Make sure fluids and gasoline are drained from lawnmowers and other gas equipment.

  8. Be sure to clean out and wipe down appliances large and small. Clean out all food debris from the appliances and furniture items with crevasses too. 

Additional helpful tips on how to pack and organize a storage unit can be found here:


  • Reduce clutter

    Renting a self storage unit can be a great way to reduce clutter and free up needed space at the home or office. A storage unit is a smart place to keep a few boxes, old appliances, memorabilia, heirlooms and old toys.

  • Security

    Often self storage units offer more security than homes. Self storage facilities provide security features not normally found on homes. In addition to a lock, facilities are often protected by perimeter fencing, surveillance cameras, a gated entry, limited entry after hours, exterior lighting and possibly security guards or onsite management. You may choose to purchase an in-home security system for your home. While this may protect the items stored in your home, will it protect items left in your yard? What about that backyard storage shed? Self storage units give you the benefits of both extra storage space and added security.

  • Safety

    Some items pose potential hazards at home and need to be placed in a secure area to ensure the safety of your family. You may be handy around the house and enjoy renovation projects, but between jobs a self storage unit can keep those power tools, ladders, saws and drills away from curious children and, thereby, reduce the risk of possible accidents around the house.

  • Space for large items

    Homes often do not have the storage space to hold large items. For instance, if you have ski boats, canoes or vintage cars, you may not have room for them in your garage or driveway. A self storage unit could give you a place to store such items that provides protection from the weather and some added security. If your garage has slowly filled with things like your exercise equipment and camping supplies and you want to reclaim it for your car, a self storage unit may be a perfect solution.

  • Insurance

    When renting a unit you may be required or at least offered insurance. Insurance will replace your valuables if they are stolen or damaged while in storage. Self storage insurance may be cheaper than homeowner's or renter's insurance.

  • Before you lease a self storage unit, consider a few things besides the basic questions of size and price.

    The advice on this website is provided as a courtesy for informational purposes only. "Storage Tips" are offered as-is and no warranty is expressed or implied.


    There are so many items that need to be thought of and factored into, a move to a new home, a relocation due to a job change, and many other situations. To help you have more research tools, we've supplied some links to sites with calculators to factor in things like, moving estimators and how much of a house can you afford.

    Here are some helpful calculators to help with your move.


    1. City to City Moving Calculator

    2. How Much House Can You Afford

    3. - Bureau of Labor Statistics Databases and Tables

    4. - Moving Cost Calculator

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